Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We specialize in dust contained hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood and wood floor installation, and have been restoring hardwood floors for over 16 years.

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Alabama Hardwood Restoration

Install new,stunning wood floors or restore beauty to your wood surfaces!

At Alabama Hardwood Restoration, we pride ourselves in delivering quality and restoring the
beauty of your hardwood floors and wood surfaces.

Our Finished Hardwood Floors:

We are the wood floor restoration specialist

Hardwood Restoration Alabama

Restored Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Refinished Hardwood Floor

Restore Hardwood Flooring

Polished Wood Floor

Best Floor Restoration

Special Floor Restoration

Work In Progress:

We are the wood floor restoration specialist

Floor refinish with antimicrobial uv cure finish.

Looking to add hardwood floors to your home or refinishing existing floors to bring them back to life? We specialize in site finished hardwood floors using top of the line finishes from Rubio monocoat to antimicrobial uv cured finishes.

Hardwood Restoration Services:

We specialize in

Wood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Hardwax oil Finish

Rubio and mono-coat

Hardwood Floor Installation

Sanding and Refinishing

Sandless Refinishing

UV Curing

We Offer The Best UV Curing Service:

Typical oil based floor finishes take 30 days to fully cure once applied. That equates to chemicals off gassing into your home for up to 30 days, along with waiting 30 days to place rugs on the floors, and typically 4-7 weeks without furniture.
With our UV cure system, the moment we coat and cure your floor, it will no longer be off gassing and the floor will be as hard as it will ever get. This means that the floor will be instantly ready for full use, even in commercial applications!